FiberFête is an invitation-only conference to bring local leaders together with a wide variety of national and international Internet experts to discuss how communities like Lafayette can realize the greatest return on investment in their networks and explore how to drive economic development and enhance their community's quality of life.

A Celebration of Our Connected Future

Watch FiberFete Live!

FiberFete will be streamed live from 4 to 6 PM CDT on Tuesday, April 20 and from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM CDT on Wednesday, April 21.

Press Release Issued

FiberFete issued a press release today announcing the opening of FiberFete tomorrow.

The FiberFete Blogroll

The Blogroll (on the left sidebar of this page) lists the blogs of many FiberFete participants. Recent additions to the Blogroll include Bice Wilson's Designing the Intelligent Public Way and Jon Lebkowsky's Weblogsky. You might want to check out Geoff Daily's always-interesting blog, called App-Rising, as well.

If you would like your blog included, please send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Registration is Closed

The response to FiberFete has been very enthusiastic. We now have the 150 participants we have planned for. As a result, registration for FiberFete is closed. If you've been invited but have not yet registered, we apologize. Please join the Waiting List, and we will contact you if a cancellation makes a seat available.

Ryan Petticrew, Travel/Lodging Coordinator

Ryan Petticrew, a Lafayette Native with extensive logistics and computer experience, has joined the FiberFete team as Travel & Lodging Coordinator. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 337-230-0806 or at Skype as ryanpetticrew or at Twitter as @ryanpetticrew.

Ryan's primary job is to ensure that the lodging and transportation needs of FiberFete's out-of-town participants are met. If you're a Visiting Participant in FiberFete, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan if you need anything.



More FiberFête Superstars

Here are a few more Internet visionaries and technology superstars that are coming to FiberFête:

  • James Enck, telecom analyst and founder of widely-respected EuroTelcoBlog.
  • Larry Keyes, an expert on two-way interactive home health-care delivery via multi-point videoconferencing.
  • Dewayne Hendricks, who has installed networks in Kenya, Tonga, Mongolia, on U.S. Indian Reservations, in rural Alaskan villages, and in numerous other difficult environments.
  • Timothy & Leslie Nulty, members of the Steering Committee of EC Fiber, a consortium of 22 rural Vermont towns planning a Fiber to the Home network.
  • Bill St. Arnaud, optical networking pioneer and former Director of Network Projects for CANARIE Inc., where he was responsible for the coordination of Canada’s next generation Internet initiative.
  • Jenny Toomey, Program Officer for Media and Cultural Policy in the Media, Arts and Culture Unit at the Ford Foundation and former Executive Director of the Future of Music Coalition.
  • Herman Wagter, Managing Director of Amsterdam’s CityNet Fiber to the Home network.
  • Dirk van der Woude, program manager of the municipal broadband policy of the City of Amsterdam.
  • Esme Vos, founder of, a portal for municipal wireless broadband projects around the world.

Google and Cisco at FiberFête

The future of urban broadband is defined by the Google Gigabit Project and Cisco's Connected Urban Development (CUD) Project. Minnie Ingersoll, Product Manager for Google Gigabit, will participate in FiberFête.  Bas Boorsma, Cisco Director of CUD is also confirmed. In addition, other Google and Cisco participants may join Ingersoll and Boorsma.

Google's Gigabit Project, also known as Google Fiber for Communities, has sparked imaginative excitement since it was announced on February 10. The city of Topeka has re-named itself "Google, Kansas" for the month of March to try to attract Google's attention. To parody Topeka's announcement, Duluth, Minnesota has jokingly declared that first born males in the city shall be named “Google Fiber” and all first born females shall be “Googlette Fiber.” Duluth's mayor says this is a parody of the "Google pandering arms race."

Lafayette doesn't need to pander; it already has the network Google seeks. Google representatives are delighted to come to FiberFête to learn about LUS Fiber and share their goals with Lafayette.

Cisco's Connected Urban Development Program is a global effort to introduce fundamental improvements in urban infrastructure through information and communications technology (ICT). CUD cities around the world include San Francisco, Amsterdam, Seoul, Birmingham (UK), Hamburg, Lisbon, and Madrid. The original impetus was a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to use high tech to make urban environments more sustainable, but the effort now touches almost every aspect of urban life and an integrated vision of cities of the future. At FiberFête, CUD Director Bas Boorsma will explain further.

Boorsma, from The Netherlands, will join at least four other distinguished guests coming from Europe to participate in FiberFête.


FiberFête Announces Distinguished Speakers

FiberFête announces its first slate of confirmed globally and locally distinguished speakers:

  • Joaquin Alvarado, SVP, Digital Innovation, American Public Media
  • Jim Baller, attorney representing municipal networks, Baller Herbst Law Group
  • Kit Becnel, FiberKids! - director of Academy of Information Technology at Carencro, Louisiana High School
  • Ernie Bray, founder & CTO, USMetroNets’ Open Service Provider Network
  • Joey Durel, City-Parish President (Mayor), Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Benoit Felten, global fiber analyst, Yankee Group France
  • Henry Florsheim, CEO, LITE/Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise
  • Lev Gonnick, CIO, Case Western Reserve University and Founder, One Community
  • Joanne Hovis, CEO of Columbia Telecommunications, providing Communications Engineering for the Public Interest
  • Terry Huval, Director, Lafayette Utilities System
  • Bill Schrier, CTO, City of Seattle
  • John St. Julien, Lafayette ProFiber Blog, Coordinator of Lafayette Commons
  • Chris Vein, CIO, City of San Francisco

In addition, a revised FiberFête Agenda, with significantly more detail, has been posted.

FiberFête is an active work in progress. New speakers and further schedule changes will be forthcoming. If you have suggestions for how to proceed, please contact us!


Joanne Hovis Joins Global Advisory Board

FiberFete is proud to announce that Joanne Hovis, President of Columbia Telecommunications Corp. (CTC), a national, public interest, communications engineering and consulting firm, has joined FiberFete's Global Advisory Board. Joanne is also President-elect of NATOA, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors.

Esther Dyson Joins Global Advisory Board

FiberFete is proud to announce that Esther Dyson, catalyst of many high tech start-ups, cosmonaut in training, and Huffington Post contributor, has joined the Global Advisory Board of FiberFete!

Susan Crawford Joins Global Advisory Board

FiberFete is honored to welcome Susan Crawford to its Global Advisory Board.

Susan is Professor of Law at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She recently served as President Obama's broadband advisor, helping on his transition team and then working in the White House on broadband and Internet issues.  Susan Crawford's blog is a primary source of clarity on technology policy.

She joins Vint Cerf, Google's Chief Internet Evangelist, who's widely known as the Father of the Internet; and Jim Baller, one our country's top defenders of the right of municipalities to build their own communications infrastructure and the leader of the US Broadband Coalition.